Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Pulling it all together

The first presentation of the evening focused on the effects of vitamin E on human mesothelioma cells. The researchers examined the role of vitamin E treatment in activating apoptotic pathways within the cells. Treatment with vitamin was shown to activate apoptosis in a dose-dependent manner in cancer cells but not in non-malignant cells.

The second presentation looked at a study examining the role of resveratrol on genes that regulate cholesterol metabolism in human macrophages. Several molecular techniques were utilized to elucidate the pathway involved. Resveratrol was found to induce activity and expression of LXR, altering cholesterol metabolism.

The third study the role of cinnamon supplementation on lipid metabolism. Cinnamate, a polyphenol found in cinnamon, was found to reduce risk of atherosclerosis and lower hepatic cholesterol. The researchers suggest that cinnamon supplementation might be a potential adjuvant therapy for humans.

After the break, the class broke into groups to brainstorm ways of condensing and presenting the information we have discussed and presented in the class during our final night, which include a presentation and food tasting for invited guests.

The four major areas of the presention will focus on the nutrition science covered in the class as it relates to the Mediterranean diet, the impact of the Mediterranean diet and immigration on the diet of the United States, the history and culture of the Mediterranean region, and, of course, the food.

The presentation will followed by a tasting of the favorites dishes prepared throughout the semester.

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